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Managing your own rental property and how to find renters


1and1 Rental provides Homeowners who want to manage their own property with an online advertisement of the home they are renting. The home listing advertisement on our website includes an individual website page with a photo gallery of the homes pictures inside and outsite, detailed information on the rental home, available dates for rental, and terms with rates.

Our website is for homes for rental by owners and the homeowner managing their own property. Managing the home property includes handling negotiations, bookings and rent collection. The website home listing we provide is a means for you to advertise your home online at a very low cost. This home listing advertising is designed to make your home listing appear to as many renters as possible.

To manage your rental property you can hire inexpense "home watch" businesses which are available. These 'home watch" companies will assist you if are and out-of-area owner as well. The day-to-day home care tasks you need to perform can be what these "home watch" companies do so you have some help to make your renters comfortable if any issues arrise with your home.


Advertiseing with thevillagersrental.com and 1and1 Rental is easy.

Our company provides you with a Home Listing Advertisement of your rental property. Your home listing for your rental home is for homeowners who manage their own property. This is a classified advertisement for your home however we do provide tools for you that you can use in any manner you want to advertise you home in other ways as well. These tools included a photo gallery of the pictures of your home and a banner advertisement you can use in emails or in other websites to post your home.

Our subscriber rate is $120 per year for the lisitng in thevillagersrental.com and it includes marketing tools listed below in the benefits of our service. If you have more than one home we have a multiple rental property rate which is discounted. We also will not change the year rate if you make no changes to your listing you have on our website.


Benefits of www.1and1rental.com

  • Our website has been designed for you to access your account to edit your web space continuallly so you have the best possition possible on our site.
  • Your home listing on your property is displayed 24 hours a day.
  • Featured Rental of the Week.

  • We make a slideshow of your photos.
  • Photograph Slideshow will be produced by our webmaster from the pictures you provided to us.
  • Your home listing page on our website is edited by you with rental rates, availability and all your description information.
  • In addition to your individual property listing page you are provided with a separate page to list you available dates.
  • Graphic Link tools we use to promote our www.thevillagersrental.com website
  • Banner of your home is provided to you which can be used in your emails or for promotion on other websites or affilates sites.
  • Newletter distributed monthly to very extensive database of interested potential renters.

See benefits website page for more details.


Becoming a subscriber:

The first step is for you to call us to make the payment process. You can provide this information on the telephhone to keep you information secure. After we set up your acount on our website we will active you r home rental advertise page. We will email you or you can call us for the login information. Our website provides step by step instructions on how to edit your listing. If you have any problems we will help you, so just call us. We have no contract or paperwork to sign because you must agree to our terms and conditions to use our site. Your Credit Card or PayPal statement is the receipt for your tax records.

To become a subscriber call 805-579-1100.



Our subscriber rate is $120 per year.

Once you become a subscriber you are locked into this year rate.


About thevillagersrental.com and 1and1rental.com

1and1Rental is the corporate company for thevillagersrental.com which is rental advertisement business providing Homeowners who manage their own properties an efficient means to find renters. We are not a affilated with the community developers in any area of the country and serve our clients to post their homes for rental to people who visit our websites.

As a advertisement company we do have rules about the pictures and information you post on our website featuring your home you are rentings. Homeowners who list their homes on our websites are subscribers and must follow our terms and conditions and rules. Our websites are designed to help subscribers attach people to their homes listing and to make your listings easy to read for potential renters. To assist our subscribers with a opportunity to attach as meany renters as possbile we permit our subcribers to constantly update their listing and as they submit these updates their listing will appear first on the webpage for the type of home they are listing. If you want to be listed first you only need to continually submit updates. Please follow our rules on the terms and conditions because we have the right to remove your listing if you do not want to follow these rules.

Subscribers (Homeowners) Rules

1. All property owners (Subscribers) must directly manage the rental house they lease on our website.

2. Property owners (Subscribers) are to control all aspects of managing their property including security deposits and rent collection. Subscribers may NOT use a Property Manager or Real Estate Agent/Broker, nor may a subscriber act as either for another subscriber. This includes online services that retain a percentage of the rental fee as a commission for booking the rental through an online payment system. Violation result will result in immediate cancellation of the subscription WITHOUT REFUND.

3. Subscribers must comply with website rules at all times. Our company reserves the right to change or add to the rules at any time. It is the subscriber¡¦s responsibility to regularly review the rules to ensure compliance.

4. Subscriber and responsible for all information the list on this website. This information includes all text and photographs they want posted on our website.

5. Subscribers are responsible to following all local regulations which include required permits, local or state licenses, taxes and safety regulations.

6. Subscribers are responsible for investigating and evaluating the suitability of person they rental their home to as a result of using our website. By using this website you agree to hold harmless 1and1 Rental and any of its subsidiary subsites. Subscribers should consult the appropriate people for any legal matters or other matters related to renting a home on their own.



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